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The Enclosure

In mid-2005 we decided that it would be nice to have a cat enclosure so that the cats could go outside, watch birds, and get some fresh air without being able to roam. We had an existing patio cover that would give the cats a shady place and would be the starting point for the enclosure. The following pictures show how the enclosure was built.

Cat Enclosure(1)       Cat Enclosure(2)

Most lumber used for the project is cedar. The only exception is the bottom runners that sit on the ground. These are treated timber. The base of the cedar posts were treated prior to pouring the concrete that holds them in place. The enclosure, including the covered area, is about 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Cat Enclosure(3)       Cat Enclosure(4)

Here you can see how the posts are installed. Note the slits in the bottom pieces for drainage. We had to install a door in the covered area. The exterior of the enclosure will be covered with 1x1 steel fencing fabric.

Cat Enclosure(5)       Cat Enclosure(6)       Cat Enclosure(7)

Although the enclosure was not yet finished, I had plenty of comments from its future users. I used MDF boards for the ramp and walkways. One design change as a result of early testing by the cats was to add bracing under the walkways. These guys are heavy!

Cat Enclosure(8)       Cat Enclosure(9)       Cat Enclosure(10)

Of course, the cats had to have their own bird feeder for entertainment! The enclosure is now nearly finished. I decicded to cover the floor with pea gravel. You can see the start of many trips from the front yard to the enclosure carting 2 yards of gravel. The gravel turned out to be a mistake. It has since been replaced with concrete pavers.

Cat Enclosure(11)       Cat Enclosure(12)

Teddy gives another opinion on his new enclosure.

Cat Enclosure(13)       Enclosure in winter

Mack plays a game of "Mack-in-the-box".                                                         One of our rare snow falls.

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Photos on the border are by Helmi Flick

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